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So, you want to know a little about me, I'm not really sure why, but I'll roll with it.

I'm a middle-aged husband with two rambunctious sons.  I work in the software industry as a Sr. Support Analyst for one of the biggest suppliers of warehouse management & inventory tracking software.  My expertise is in web based systems and SQL server performance tuning.  Although I can't say I love my job (who can?), I can say that I'm dam good at it.  And very few things (that don't involve semi-naked women) excite me more than delving into a difficult technical problem.  Above an beyond all else I am a problem solver by nature.

One thing you may have noticed from the menu to the left is that I have too many hobbies.  I do armature (and every so often professional) photography, focusing primarily on scene scapes and artful nudes  I play airsoft, a military simulation game similar to paintball.  I am a professional pyrotechnician working for a pyrotechnics company setting off professional fireworks displays several times a year.  I am also a certified storm spotter by the National Weather Service.  As a key aspect of storm spotting I am a licensed armature radio operator (also known as a HAM).

Many people ask me where the name WhiteFox comes from.  I am 1/4 native American, specifically my maternal grandmother was full blood Inuit (aka Eskimo).  I was born in the native hospital in Anchorage Alaska .  When I turned 13 my mom had me go through an Inuit ceremony that would best be described as a native form of baptism.  As part of that ceremony I was given my native totem, which is the Little White Fox (aka the arctic fox).  I've been using WhiteFox as a nickname since. Online it usually gets whittled down to WF pretty quick, where as people in the real world that know me by that name usually end up shortening it to just Fox.

On the previous mentioned topic of semi-naked women.  No description of me would be complete without at least briefly mentioning my ever present appreciation for the female form.  I wont go into in-depth detail about it here, but to put it simply, I like women.  To be a little more specific I am strongly attracted to women with either red or very dark hair and fair skin.  But of course most men are attracted to women so why mention it.  Because I don't tend to hide it the way most people do, and that can make a lot of people uncomfortable.  Put simply I don't see any reason to hide or be ashamed of liking sex, or of being physically attracted to someone I think looks good.  If some people think that makes me a pig so be it.  At least I'm honest about what I like and what I feel.  At the same time you might be surprised that it takes a very special woman in deed to really turn my head.  Although I don't hide my appreciation for a good looking woman, it's a woman's mind and nerve that really attracts me.  Nothing is more attractive to me than an intelligent woman who refuses to fit the mold society expects her to fulfill.  Most of the women I've dated would be insulted if someone described them as being lady-like.