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Cutting a cigar without a cigar cutter

Cutting your cigar when you have no cigar cutter

Using your teeth:  This is probably the wrost way ever to cut a cigar. It leaves the cigar ragged, and tabbaco in your mouth (all those little bits are harder to spit out than you may think). The fact is that about the only reason to do this is if you are an actor playing a gun slinger from the old west.

Using your fingers:  This is a much better method than using your teeth, but is really only for when you have nothing else.  Using a fingernail break the wrapper at the end of the cigar, then pick/peal enough of it away to properly smoke the cigar.

Using a random object as a punch:  The objective here is to punch a whole in the end of the cigar.  1/8" is pretty much as small a whole as you want, but 1/4" would be better. I've heard of people using pens, golf tees, screw drivers, and a variety of other similar objects.

Using a pocket knife: 

  • There are two methods with a pocket knife.  The first is to simply cut off the end as you would with a cigar cutter.  This usually doesn't work very well.  The average pocket knife isn't sharp enough to make a clean cut and results in a ragged end.  Some people recommend cutting the end by closing the knife on the cigar.  That not only results in a ragged cut, but can get tabbaco gunk in your knife gumming it up.
  • The other method is to use the point of the knife to cut into the end of the cigar making a series of cuts in the form of a *.  It allows for enough air flow to properly smoke the cigar and doesn't result in a ragged end.  However, it still doesn't provide for as good a smoke as being able to properly snip off the end.

In the end your best bet is to keep a proper cigar cutter available. I keep a cheep ($3) double blade cutter that is both light and small in my wallet. You can also purchase decent punch cutters that will attach to your key chain and create a clean whole for less than $10.